I’m Arnaud DEPRUN, I was born in Le Mans 37 years ago.

When one’s born in Le Mans, there’s a 100% chance he gets to know two things pretty well: the Rillettes, and of course, the 24Hours. Hence, you won’t be so surprised to learn that I’m a 100% driven about cars.

Every weekend, my dad used to take me to the circuit and we’d watch the cars spinning. Ever since I saw the first row, I was crazy about the speed and energy. The smell of gasoline, the engine’s heat, the tires screeching, the decreasing braking… I used to be so amazed by all of this ! And that is still the case. In my wildest dreams, I wanted to become a pilot.

I became an ad men. But over the weekends, I put my real suit on… I’m a photographer for www.startandstop.fr, the webzine I created in 2013, in which I share my passion for everything with wheels.

When I was a kid, I used to picture race cars with my eyes. Now I capture them with a camera. I now dream to put my REAL suit on everyday for the rest of my life, and spend my days composing visuals with the most beautiful cars, around the world’s most beautiful roads.